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Year 2016
Type in proceedings
Status published
Language English
Author(s) Nedoluzhko, Anna Novák, Michal Cinková, Silvie Mikulová, Marie Mírovský, Jiří
Title Coreference in Prague Czech-English Dependency Treebank
Czech title Koreference v Pražském česko-anglickém závislostním treebanku
Proceedings 2016: Paris, France: LREC 2016: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2016)
Pages range 169-176
How published online
URL http://www.lrec-conf.org/proceedings/lrec2016/summaries/882.html
Supported by 2015-2017 GAUK 3389/2015 (Mezijazyčné techniky pro vyšetřování koreference) 2015-2017 GA15-20031S (Odkaz Zelliga S. Harrise: více lingvistické informace pro distribuční lexikální analýzu angličtiny a češtiny) 2016-2018 GA16-05394S (Structure of coreferential chains in parallel language data) 2013-2016 FP7-ICT-2013-10-610516 (QTLeap) 2016-2019 LM2015071 (LINDAT-CLARIN: Institut pro analýzu, zpracování a distribuci lingvistických dat) 2012-2016 PRVOUK P46 (Informatika) 2016 SVV 260 333 (Teoretické základy informatiky a výpočetní lingvistiky)
Czech abstract Představujeme anotaci koreference na paralelních česko-anglických textech Pražského česko-anglického závislostního treebanku (PCEDT).
English abstract We present coreference annotation on parallel Czech-English texts of the Prague Czech-English Dependency Treebank (PCEDT). The paper describes innovations made to PCEDT 2.0 concerning coreference, as well as coreference information already present there. We characterize the coreference annotation scheme, give the statistics and compare our annotation with the coreference annotation in Ontonotes and Prague Dependency Treebank for Czech. We also present the experiments made using this corpus to improve the alignment of coreferential expressions, which helps us to collect better statistics of correspondences between types of coreferential relations in Czech and English. The corpus released as PCEDT 2.0 Coref is publicly available.
Specialization linguistics ("jazykověda")
Confidentiality default – not confidential
Open access no
Editor(s)* Nicoletta Calzolari; Khalid Choukri; Thierry Declerck; Marko Grobelnik; Bente Maegaard; Joseph Mariani; Asunción Moreno; Jan Odijk; Stelios Piperidis
ISBN* 978-2-9517408-9-1
Address* Paris, France
Month* May
Venue* Grand Hotel Bernardin Conference Center
Publisher* European Language Resources Association
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Created: 10/18/16 9:04 AM
Modifier: Common Account
Modified: 8/29/17 4:03 PM

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