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Year 2016
Type in proceedings
Status published
Language English
Author(s) Novák, Michal
Date 12.8.2016
Title Pronoun Prediction with Linguistic Features and Example Weighing
Czech title Predikce zájmen s použitím lingvistických rysů a vážení příkladů
Proceedings 2016: Stroudsburg, PA, USA: WMT 2016 (ACL): Proceedings of the First Conference on Machine Translation (WMT). Volume 2: Shared Task Papers
Pages range 602-608
How published online
URL http://www.statmt.org/wmt16/pdf/W16-2354.pdf
Supported by 2015-2017 GAUK 3389/2015 (Mezijazyčné techniky pro vyšetřování koreference) 2016-2018 GA16-05394S (Structure of coreferential chains in parallel language data) 2013-2016 FP7-ICT-2013-10-610516 (QTLeap) 2016 SVV 260 333 (Teoretické základy informatiky a výpočetní lingvistiky) 2012-2016 PRVOUK P46 (Informatika)
Czech abstract Představujeme systém na mezijazyčnou predikci zájmen, konkrétně mezi angličtinou a němčinou.
English abstract We present a system submitted to the WMT16 shared task in cross-lingual pronoun prediction, in particular, to the English-to-German and German-to-English sub-tasks. The system is based on a linear classifier making use of features both from the target language model and from linguistically analyzed source and target texts. Furthermore, we apply example weighing in classifier learning, which proved to be beneficial for recall in less frequent pronoun classes. Compared to other shared task participants, our best English-to-German system is able to rank just below the top performing submissions.
Specialization linguistics ("jazykověda")
Confidentiality default – not confidential
Open access no
Editor(s)* Ondřej Bojar
ISBN* 978-1-945626-10-4
Address* Stroudsburg, PA, USA
Month* August
Venue* Humboldt University
Publisher* Association for Computational Linguistics
Institution* Association for Computational Linguistics
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