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Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics

at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

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Year 2016
Type data/software
Status published
Language Czech
Author(s) Lopatková, Markéta Hladká, Barbora
Title DATLOWE: software pro textovou analytiku
English title DATLOWE: software for text analytics
Publisher UK MFF
Institution ÚFAL MFF UK
URL http://ufal.mff.cuni.cz/industry-cooperation
Supported by 2015-2018 SMV/100120 (Licenční smlouva a smlouva o poskytnutí služeb - Datlowe)
Czech abstract Licenční smlouva a smlouva o poskytnutí služeb mezi Univerzitou Karlovou a Datlowe, s.r.o. (1. 1. 2015 -- 1. 1. 2018) obsahuje právo na užití dat PDT 2.5 a software pro textovou analytiku natrénovaného na PDT 2.5, a to pro komerční účely. Jedná se o upravené verze nekomerčního software a dat jinak dostupných z repozitáře LINDAT/CLARIN. Jmenovitě: software pro analýzu tvarosloví a lematizaci, syntaktickou analýzu a analýzu názvů pojmenovanýchch entit.
English abstract Licence and service agreement between Charles University and Datlowe Ltd.(January 1, 2015 -- January 1, 2018) covers the right to use the data of PDT 2.5 and the software for text analytics trained on PDT 2.5, for commercial purposes. The data and software (non-adapted) is otherwise available for free through the LINDAT/CLARIN repository for non-commercial use under the appropriate variant of the Creative Commons license. Namely, software for morphological analysis, lemmatization, syntactic analysis and named-entity recognition.
Specialization linguistics ("jazykověda")
Confidentiality default – not confidential
Category data
Economic parameters 500 000Kč
Contract number 294/14/JJ, OFV-0038, F14009
Open access no
License approval required always
Fee required always
Identifier F14009
Creator: Common Account
Created: 2/13/17 10:53 AM
Modifier: Almighty Admin
Modified: 2/25/17 10:07 PM

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