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Year 2008
Type in proceedings without ISBN
Status published
Language English
Author(s) Cinková, Silvie Hajič, Jan Ptáček, Jan
Title An Annotation Scheme for Speech Reconstruction on a Dialog Corpus
Czech title Anotační schéma pro rekonstrukci mluvené řeči v dialogovém korpusu
Proceedings 2008: Bellagio, Italy: HCC-4: Fourth International Workshop on Human-Computer Conversation
BibTeX key dialog, speech reconstructions
How published data storage
URL http://www.companions-project.org/downloads/Companions_Bellagio08_Cinkova_Paper.pdf
Supported by 2006-2010 FP6-IST-5-034434-IP (Companions IP) 2006-2008 GA405/06/0589 (Tektogramatický popis jazyka pro rozpoznávání mluvené řeči a strojový překlad) 2006-2010 ME 838 (Reprezentace významu a automatické porozumění přirozenému jazyku) 2005-2010 MSM 0021620838 (Moderní metody, struktury a systémy informatiky) 2005-2009 LC536 (Centrum komputační lingvistiky)
Czech abstract Tento článek popisuje manuální anotaci rekonstrukce mluvené řeči na dialogovém korpusu NAP. Korpus NAP obsahuje rozhovory anglických mluvčích nad alby fotografií. Anotace vzniká v rámci projektu Companions.
English abstract This paper presents the ongoing manual speech reconstruction annotation of the NAP corpus, which is a corpus of recorded conversations between pairs of people above family photographs, relating it to a more complex annotation scheme of the Prague Dependency Treebank family. The result of this effort will be a resource that will contain, on top of the audio recording of the dialog and its usual transcription, an edited and fully grammatical “reconstructed” dialog. The format and alignment with the original audio and transcription on one side and a similar alignment (linking) to a deep analysis of the natural language sentences uttered in the dialog on the other side will be such that the resource can serve as a training and testing material for machine learning experiments in both intelligent editing as well as in dialog language understanding. The resource will be used in the Companions project, but it will be publicly available outside of the project as well.
Specialization linguistics ("jazykověda")
Confidentiality default – not confidential
Open access no
Address* Bellagio, Italy
Month* October
Venue* Bellagio, Italy
Publisher* The Companions consortium
Institution* University of Sheffield
Organization* University of Sheffield
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