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Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics

at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

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Year 2004
Type article
Status published
Language English
Author(s) Cinková, Silvie
Title Extraction of Swedish Verb-Noun Collocations from a Large Msd-Annotated Corpus
Book title The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics 82
Pages range 99--102
Supported by 1999-2004 MSM 113200006 (Distribuované, informační a lingvistické systémy) 2000-2004 LN00A063 (Centrum komputační lingvistiky)
Specialization linguistics ("jazykověda")
Confidentiality default – not confidential
Open access no
Creator: Common Account
Created: 9/14/09 9:36 PM
Modifier: Common Account
Modified: 9/14/09 9:36 PM

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