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Name Rapport fra konference om leksikografi i Norden
Year 2008
ISSN 0805-2735
Publisher Nordisk Forening for Leksikografi
Publisher's city and country Akureyri, Iceland
Event Leksikografi i Norden
Conference city and country Akureyri, Iceland
Conference URL http://www.nordisk-sprakrad.no/Lex/Akk-program.pdf
Conference Start 22.5.2007
Conference End 26.5.2007
Conference Year 2007
Month May
Journal LexicoNordica
Subseries Nordiske Studier i Leksikografi
Volume 9
Audience European
Creator: Common Account
Created: 12/9/06 1:08 PM
Modifier: Almighty Admin
Modified: 1/28/11 1:57 PM

Publications in this Proceedings

Cinková, Silvie“Movement towards Structure”: Foreign Learners, Language Patterns and Learners' Lexicons
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