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Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics

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Name Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
Year 2009
Publisher Association for Computational Linguistics
Publisher's city and country Athina, Greece
Event EACL 2009 workshop
Conference city and country Athina, Greece
Conference URL http://www.eacl2009.gr/
Conference Start 1.3.2009
Conference End 31.3.2009
Month March
Institution Association for Computational Linguistics
Audience worldwide
Creator: Common Account
Created: 9/15/09 2:35 PM
Modifier: Almighty Admin
Modified: 1/28/11 12:18 PM

Publications in this Proceedings

33-36Homola, Petr; Kuboň, Vladislav; Pecina, PavelA Simple Automatic MT Evaluation Metric
125-129Bojar, Ondřej; Mareček, David; Novák, Václav; Popel, Martin; Ptáček, Jan; Rouš, Jan; Žabokrtský, ZdeněkEnglish-Czech MT in 2008
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