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Name Proceedings of the First Conference on Machine Translation (WMT). Volume 2: Shared Task Papers
Year 2016
ISBN 978-1-945626-10-4
Editor(s) Ondřej Bojar
Publisher Association for Computational Linguistics
Publisher's city and country Stroudsburg, PA, USA
URL http://www.statmt.org/wmt16/papers.html
Event WMT 2016 (ACL)
Conference city and country Berlin, Germany
Conference URL http://www.statmt.org/wmt16
Conference Start 11.8.2016
Conference End 12.8.2016
Venue Humboldt University
Conference Year 2016
Month August
Institution Association for Computational Linguistics
Volume 2
Audience worldwide
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Created: 8/2/16 4:15 PM
Modifier: Almighty Admin
Modified: 2/25/18 6:20 PM

Publications in this Proceedings

92-101Braune, Fabienne; Fraser, Alexander; Daumé III, Hal; Tamchyna, AlešA Framework for Discriminative Rule Selection in Hierarchical Moses
131-198Bojar, Ondřej; Chatterjee, Rajen; Federmann, Christian; Graham, Yvette; Haddow, Barry; Huck, Matthias; Yepes, Antonio Jimeno; Koehn, Philipp; Logacheva, Varvara; Monz, Christof; Negri, Matteo; Névéol, Aurelie; Neves, Mariana; Popel, Martin; Post, Matt; Rubino, Raphael; Scarton, Carolina; Specia, Lucia; Turchi, Marco; Verspoor, Karin; Zampieri, MarcosFindings of the 2016 Conference on Machine Translation (WMT16)
199-231Bojar, Ondřej; Graham, Yvette; Kamran, Amir; Stanojević, MilošResults of the WMT16 Metrics Shared Task
232-238Jawaid, Bushra; Kamran, Amir; Stanojević, Miloš; Bojar, OndřejResults of the WMT16 Tuning Shared Task
333-338Mareček, DavidMerged bilingual trees based on Universal Dependencies in Machine Translation
344-355Peter, Jan-Thorsten; Alkhouli, Tamer; Ney, Hermann; Huck, Matthias; Braune, Fabienne; Fraser, Alexander; Tamchyna, Aleš; Bojar, Ondřej; Haddow, Barry; Sennrich, Rico; Blain, Frédéric; Specia, Lucia; Niehues, Jan; Waibel, Alex; Allauzen, Alexandre; Aufrant, Lauriane; Burlot, Franck; Knyazeva, Elena; Lavergne, Thomas; Yvon, François; Frank, Stella; Pinnis, MarcisThe QT21/HimL Combined Machine Translation System
385-390Tamchyna, Aleš; Sudarikov, Roman; Bojar, Ondřej; Fraser, AlexanderCUNI-LMU Submissions in WMT2016: Chimera Constrained and Beaten
399-410Williams, Phil; Sennrich, Rico; Nadejde, Maria; Huck, Matthias; Haddow, Barry; Bojar, OndřejEdinburgh’s Statistical Machine Translation Systems for WMT16
435-441Gaudio, Rosa; Labaka, Gorka; Agirre, Eneko; Osenova, Petya; Simov, Kiril; Popel, Martin; Oele, Dieke; van Noord, Gertjan; Gomes, Luís; Rodrigues, João António; Neale, Steven; Silva, João; Querido, Andreia; Rendeiro, Nuno; Branco, AntónioSMT and Hybrid systems of the QTLeap project in the WMT16 IT-task
449-455Rosa, Rudolf; Sudarikov, Roman; Novák, Michal; Popel, Martin; Bojar, OndřejDictionary-based Domain Adaptation of MT Systems without Retraining
518-524Kocúr, Viktor; Bojar, OndřejParticle Swarm Optimization Submission for WMT16 Tuning Task
602-608Novák, MichalPronoun Prediction with Linguistic Features and Example Weighing
646-654Libovický, Jindřich; Helcl, Jindřich; Tlustý, Marek; Pecina, Pavel; Bojar, OndřejCUNI System for WMT16 Automatic Post-Editing and Multimodal Translation Tasks
710-716Thanh, Le; Vu Throng, Hoa; Oberländer, Jonathan; Bojar, OndřejUsing Term Position Similarity and Language Modeling for Bilingual Document Alignment
764-771Abdelsalam, Amal; Bojar, OndřejBilingual Embeddings and Word Alignments for Translation Quality Estimation
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