NomVallex II.

Valency of Non-verbal Predicates. An Extension of Valency Studies to Adjectives and Deadjectival Nouns.

The project deals with both theoretical and lexicographic treatment of valency of Czech nonverbal predicates (i.e. predicative deverbal and primary adjectives, deadjectival nouns and deverbal nouns). It builds upon solid theoretical foundations of the theory of valency developed within the Functional Generative Description. The theoretical issues addressed in the project will include valency of deverbal nouns with respect to their derivation, focusing on influence of verbal aspect, and an applicability of the notion of systemic and non-systemic valency behavior to valency of adjectives and deadjectival nouns. Valency of selected nominal and adjectival lexical units will be captured in the NomVallex lexicon in the form of valency frames and corpus examples. The main criteria for including nouns and adjectives in NomVallex will be the complexity of their valency patterns, esp. the number of complementations and non-systemic valency behavior. The linguistic material will be extracted from the synchronic written part of the Czech National Corpus and from Araneum Bohemicum web corpus.