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DACT Chant Analytics Workshop

The Chant Analytics group of DACT will meet at ÚFAL, with Tim Eipert presenting digital Gregorian chant scholarship done at Universität Würzburg and the Corpus Monodicum project.

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Studies in Prague

Study computer science at Charles University in Prague

High-quality affordable bachelor’s and master’s programs taught in English, at one of the oldest and most highly regarded universities in Europe and in one of the most student-friendly cities.

Study Computer Science or Computational Linguistics

Ondřej Bojar featured on

"ChatGPT works as an Internet impression aggregator," said Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expert Ondřej Bojar.

"ChatGPT and other AI chatbots cannot be used as search engines or sources of factual information, but they are fantastic generators of ideas and inspiration. Give them a try!"

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Charles Translator

Charles Translator translates between Czech, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, English and French. » or Google Play »

Congratulation to Eva Hajičová

on being awarded the 2023 Neil and Saras Smith Medal for her work in theoretical, computational and corpus linguistics, with a focus on semantics and discourse structure.

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Congratulation to Zdeněk Kasner

for winning the Honorable Mention Award for his GAUK project Domain Adaptation for Natural Language Generation.

The award will be presented on November 17, 2023

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