SloNLP 2018

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SloNLP is a Slovakoczech workshop focused on Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics. Its main aim is to encourage cooperation among NLP researchers in Czechia and Slovakia; we therefore also invite Master and Doctoral students of computational linguistics to participate.

The topics of the workshop include: automatic speech recognition (ASR), automatic natural language analysis and generation (morphology, syntax, semantics...), dialogue systems, machine translation (MT), information retrieval (IR), practical applications of NLP technologies, and other topics of computational linguistics.

We also welcome work-in-progress papers with preliminary results, negative results papers, and future research suggestion papers.

The workshop is part of the ITAT conference, which takes place from 21st to 25th September 2018 in hotel Plejsy *** near Krompachy, Slovakia. The workshop itself will take place on 22nd September.


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Accepted papers and presentations

Note: The PDFs of the papers are as submitted by the authors, not the proceedings versions, as the proceedings have not yet been compiled.

Full papers

  • Vladimír Benko: Crowdsourcing for Slovak Morphological Lexicon -- BEST PAPER OF ITAT (PDF)
  • Michal Novák: A study on bilingually informed coreference resolution (PDF)
  • Jindřich Libovický, Rudolf Rosa, Jindřich Helcl and Martin Popel: Solving Three Czech NLP Tasks with End-to-end Neural Models (PDF)

Open Session presentations

  • Jaroslava Hlaváčová: Prefixes of loaned verbs in Czech (abstract)
  • David Mareček: Extracting syntactic trees from NMT encoder self-attentions (abstract)
  • Oluokun Adedayo: Masters thesis: Creation of a Dependency Treebank for Yoruba using Parallel Data (abstract)
  • Markéta Lopatková, Václava Kettnerová: The Tricky Case of Czech Reflexives (abstract)

Open Session

To further encourage cooperation and sharing of information among NLP researchers in Slovakia and Czechia, we offer an opportunity for anyone to present his work, without writing a paper:

  • presentation of any own work, including already published work, work in progress, or research ideas, and review/overview presentations
    • bachelor, master and dissertation theses can also be presented
    • we accept any presentation matching the topic of the workshop (computational linguistics, natural language processing)
  • register your presentation till 2nd July 2018
    • send in the title and abstract (50 - 500 words) of your presentation to
    • English language is preferred, but Slovak and Czech are also allowed (both for the abstract and for the presentation)
    • we will confirm the acceptance promptly
  • tell us your preferred mode of presentation - we envision the following two options:
    • poster presentation (approx. 90 minutes - common poster session)
    • oral presentation with slides (approx. 15 minutes)
    • it is allowed to reuse existing own poster/slides
  • the presentation will NOT be accompanied by an entry in the conference proceedings
    • the title and the abstract of the presentation will only be posted on the workshop website
  • the presenter must register till 1st August for the ITAT conference (and pay the corresponding registration fee)

Instructions for Authors of regular papers

  • paper in English
  • 4-8 pages including references, in two columns (latex style)
  • submit through EasyChair
  • each paper will be reviewed by 2 or 3 reviewers. The review process is double-blind to provide anonymity for both authors and reviewers. The paper must be anonymized:
    • Remove any identifying information, including author names, affiliations, e-mail, telephone or funding sources.
    • Use the third person to refer to work the Authors have previously undertaken, e.g. replace any phrases like “as we have shown before” with “… has been shown before [Anonymous, 2007]” .
    • Make sure figures do not contain any affiliation related identifier
    • Do not eliminate essential self-references or other references but limit self-references only to papers that are relevant for those reviewing the submitted paper.
    • Do not include acknowledgments.
  • if you cross-submit your paper to multiple conferences/journals and it gets accepted and published elsewhere, you must withdraw it from SloNLP before submitting the camera-ready version at the latest
  • paper presentation during a poster session (plus 1-3 slides for a 1-2 minute booster session).
    • if you prefer to present orally, note that in EasyChair
    • still, the organizers will decide the mode of presentation for each paper
    • papers nominated for ITAT Best Paper will be probably presented during the main conference orally (authors will be informed in advance)
  • the languages of the workshop are Czech, Slovak, and English. Preferred language of posters (slides) is English.
  • the papers will be published in the proceedings of ITAT (with an ISBN).


  • 24/5  abstract submission (50 - 200 words) 
  • 28/5  paper submission
  •   1/7  announcement of accept/reject/conditional accept decisions
  •   2/7  registration for Open Session
  • 13/7  camera-ready submission (until 11/7 for conditionally accepted papers)
  •   1/8  early-bird registration - registration fees information
  • 22/9  workshop (the ITAT conference is 21/9-25/9)

All deadlines are 23:59 CET.

Program Committee

Past Workshops