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04-2014 – 03-2017


PARSEME: Parsing a víceslovné výrazy – k jazykovědné přesnosti a výpočetní efektivitě ve zpracování přirozeného jazyka

The goal of the proposed project follows from the overall aim of the whole COST Action IC1207. This Action aims at increasing and enhancing the support of the European multilingual heritage from Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). This general aim is addressed through improving linguistic representativeness, precision and computational efficiency of Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications. The Action focuses on the major bottleneck of these applications: Multi-Word Expressions (MWEs), i.e. sequences of words with unpredictable properties such as to count somebody in or to take a haircut. A breakthrough in their modeling and processing can only result from a coordinated effort of multidisciplinary experts in different languages. COST is the most adequate framework answering this need. Fourteen European languages will be addressed from a cross-theoretical and cross-methodological perspective, necessary for coping with current fragmentation issues. Expected deliverables include enhanced language resources and tools, as well as recommendations of best practices for cutting-edge MWE-aware language models. The Action will lead to a better understanding of the nature of MWEs. It will establish a long-lasting collaboration within a multilingual network of MWE specialists. It will pave the way towards competitive next generation text processing tools which will pay greater attention to language phenomena.

Specifically, the proposed project will concentrate on the specification of MWE annotation over a large corpus (while, naturally, focusing on the Czech language), annotation of Czech corpus and MWE extraction in the form of an electronic dictionary formatted for future NLP applications. Our goal is to publish all electronic language resources in an open way (using the CC license) for open access in future research as well as applications.



This Czech project is connected with European project PARSEME.