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Promoting Digital Education of Foreign-Language Children through Machine Translation

TAČR Sigma project

The project aims to help mitigate language (and social) barriers between non-Czech-speaking
children in the Czech Republic and the education in the Czech school system. Linking the fields of
digital education, linguistics, translation studies and machine translation, the project focuses
on the development and dissemination of multilingual digital learning materials for students in
primary and secondary schools. By adapting the latest machine translation methods, the project will 1) develop
multilingual interactive content for a major Czech learning portal Škola s nadhledem, and 2) create digital language-learning materials. The project will focus first on translation between Czech and Ukrainian, then on English, German, etc. The resulting applications will be freely available to educators and researchers.

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Partner: Nakladatelství Fraus, external PI: Adam Jelínek