Master or Bachelor Thesis at ÚFAL

If you think about a thesis concerning language technologies, then the best way to proceed is to contact us at (feel free to write either in Czech, Slovak or English). Alternatively, if you prefer contacting individual prospective supervisors, you are welcome to do so.

  • If you have a topic or area of interest of your own, we will be very glad to hear about it!
  • We also list the overview of areas we at ÚFAL are actively working on, so please share with us what kind of language technologies do you find interesting.

Machine Translation NLPProgress

Dialogue Systems NLPProgress

Interactive text-based or speech-based systems that help fulfill tasks (e.g. booking tickets, searching for bus connections, restaurant recommendation). Works on this can include:

Chatbots are interactive systems that can converse about any topic and keep the user entertained. Works on this topic include:

  • Neural generative chatbot models
  • [Information-retrieval-based models

This can include response generation for dialogue systems as well as data-to-text generation (weather reports, sports reports etc.) or surface realization (generating text from semantic/syntactic trees).

Morphosyntactic Analysis

Current Czech best results on

Current Czech best results on

Natural Language Understanding

Discourse analysis includes among others:

  • Discourse Connectives NLPProgress
  • Implicit Discourse Relations

Named Entities

Current Czech best results on


Digital Humanities

  • Czech Literary Bibliography Details

Detailed topics