Czech title: Systematický, úsporný a na korpusu založený popis valenčních vlastností českých deverbativních substantiv (teorie a praxe)

Postdoc project GA ČR P406/12/P190

Principal investigator: Veronika Kolářová


The project deals with issues of valency of Czech deverbal nouns. Both theoretical results and experience in
the work with data are expected. The theoretical description applied in the project is systematic, economical,
and corpus-based. It is based on the theory of valency as developed in the framework of the Functional
Generative Description. In the field of the theoretical research the following results are expected: the analysis
of adnominal modifications expressed by prepositionless Instrumental and Genitive, and the description of
unique and universal valency properties of the selected semantic classes of nouns. The work with data
includes creation and editing of nominal entries to be added to the valency dictionary PDT-VALLEX,
and elaboration of clear guidelines for annotation of nominal valency in PDT. The project will aim at the
solution of problems that accompany annotation of valency of nouns in actual corpus data (e.g. delimitation
of boundaries among particular meanings of the treated nouns) to ensure consistency of annotated data.