Zimbra collaboration server - ZxChat

 One of Zimbra's services is internal chat, which is available in form of user-managable zimlet in Zimbra web interface. As this chat is internal only, we can use it to exchange more sensitive data. Security of chat records is the same as security of the server itself. It also supports Videocalls.

 ZxChat  supports XMPP protocol, so it's possible to configure external chat clients to use our internal chat system. Here you can find prefered applications and important setings. 

 What is important to know:

  1. You have to use only clients, which will not send login&pass in cleartext form! (Those credentials are used for E-mail and web maintenance too and we have to keep it safe - this is extremely important)
  2. Chat client has to use TLS security. 
  3. If you use UFAL E-mail or UFAL Chat on you cell phone or laptop, please, ensure, that you have enabled pin/password or gesture lock:

I've tested destop opensource client PSI+, which is available for Linux and Windows:

Download site: https://sourceforge.net/projects/psiplus/

On Ubuntu you can install it by apt: apt install psi-plus

To set it correctly, download the application, install and start it. Then, use settings as described below:

  • click on "Use existing account" button and configure the account as follows:
  • Tab "Account":
    • XMPP Address: it's your UFAL e-mail address
    • Password: you Zimbra password
    • Settings: you ca use defaults
  • Tab Connection:
    • User "Manually Specify Host/Port": mail.ufal.mff.cuni.cz, Port:5222
    • Encrypt Connection: Always
  • Save
  • Close tips
  • Change Status from "Offline" to "Online"
    • click on "Trust this domain (check Details before to check if the certificate belongs to UFAL)

I've tested mobile opensource client cOnnect messager PRO (xmpp), available for Android, and Zextras Chats application which is also available and supports all Zimbra accademic Chat features. Both requires similar options to be configured.

This software is available at Google PlayStore.

To set it correctly, download the application, install and start it. Then, use settings as described below:

  • select 'Add Account'
  • Username: your UFAL e-mail address
  • Password: your UFAL Zimbra password
  • It's possible to enable advanced mode to show fields for server and port values:
    • ​​Server: mail.ufal.mff.cuni.cz
    • Port: 5222

Then you can connect our UFAL ZxChat and you should see all you contacts, configured at the Zimbra web client Chat.