The Malach Centre strives to serve as a hub for international research community by providing not only technical services, but also a locus in which different backgrounds, methodologies and topics meet. Therefore, we open our Visiting research fellowship program to collagues, who plan spending intese research periods at the Centre using available archival sources and technical tools, while immersing themselves in the academic interaction that happens at the center and our institute.


Ildikó Barna (January 2020)


Ildikó BARNA is a sociologist. She is an Associate Professor at ELTE University Faculty of Social Sciences Budapest, where she also serves as Head of the Department of Social Research Methodology. Simultaneusly, she is the co-leader of the Research Center for Computational Social Science). Her research topics include antisemitism, xenophobia, post-Holocaust studies, and quantitative research on archival sources. Recently, her interest turned to the research of online hate speech using automated text analysis. Ildikó Barna is currently the fellow of the János Bolyai Research Fellowship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

At the Malach Center, she continued her multifaceted research on trajectories of Hungarian Jewish Holocaust survivors. Analyzing interviews and data found in multiple collections (Fortunoff Archive, VHA, ITS, USHMM), she created a complementing crossreferential basis completing life-stories of several sruvivors and brought new evidence on nexi of the post-war fates of Hungarian Jews.

During her stay, she presented her research at a lecture entitiled A Case Study of Using LDA Topic Modeling in Sociological Research – Antisemitism in Contemporary Hungary within the framework of the regular Monday seminars (video recording here) and also during the Prague Visual History and Digital Humanities organized at the occasion of Malach Centre 10th anniversary.