Malach Centre Internship

In January 2019, a student internship programme was launched, which accepts applicants from the Czech Republic and abroad. Its content corresponds to the ERASMUS+ Practical Placement model, with participants being engaged in the work of the Centre on a part-time basis. They are given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the technological and content aspects of our work. However, due to the significant time flexibility, this internship can also be applied as a practical internship requirement fulfilment of the relevant study programmes at Czech universities.

Potential applicants can contact us via malach(at)


Current and past interns

Jonas Bakkeli Eide (August - December 2019)

Our second intern, Jonas Eide from Norway, a history student at the University of Oslo, was given the task of preparing the implementation of the functionally enhanced Malach user interface. In the course of his practice, he produced transcripts and subtitles of English-language interviews from the JHC Melbourne archive and the Refugee Voices archive and was involved in developing the methodology for processing audiovisual data for these purposes. At the same time, at CVHM, he conducted research on the process of integrating Jewish refugees in the post-World War II United Kingdom for a term paper that was part of his practice.

Alexandra Patiño Castro (January - February 2019)

Our first-ever intern, Alexandra Patiño Castro from Mexico, a student of international relations at the University of Monterrey, was particularly involved in the development of the Malach Centre user interface. Throughout her practice, she created transcripts and subtitles of English-language interviews from the JHC Melbourne archives. At the same time, she assisted in the preparation and implementation of the 9th annual CVHM conference.