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Anaphoricity in Connectives: Lexical Description and Bilingual Corpus Analysis

The project aims at a comparative analysis of Czech and German discourse-structuring means,
i.e. such expressions that play a significant role in establishing and maintaining discourse
coherence and comprehensibility. The focus is primarily the exploration of anaphoric
connectives, i.e. of such discourse-structuring expressions that combine two fundamental
principles of coherence: connectivity (typical for conjunctions) and anaphoricity (typical for
pronouns and other demonstratives). The class of anaphoric connectives constitutes a complex
network that has not been so far accounted for discourse-oriented research. The research is
mainly based on large corpus analysis. Language resources developed at the applicant's
institute will be used (the Prague Dependency Treebank 3.0) as well as resources and
inventories from allied institutions (esp. the Potsdam Commentary Corpus 2.0, the parallel
corpus Intercorp, the DiMLex connective lexicon).