Kateřina Rysová

Main Research Interests

  • discourse analysis
  • sentence information structure / topic-focus articulation
  • word order
  • dependency syntax
  • corpus linguistics


  • EVALD: Automatic Evaluation of Text Coherence in Czech (NAKI II; DG16P02B016; 2016–2019; PI)
  • Anaphoricity in Connectives: Lexical Description and Bilingual Corpus Analysis (GAČR; GA17-06123S; 2017–2019; PI)
  • TextLink: Structuring Discourse in Multilingual Europe (COST Action IS1312; 2014–2018)
  • Multilingual Corpus Annotation as a Support for Language Technologies (KONTAKT II; LH14011; 2014–2016)
  • LINDAT/CLARIN (MŠMT; LM2010013; 2010–2015)
  • CorefDisk: Coreference, Discourse Relations and Information Structure in a Contrastive Perspective (GA ČR; GAP406/12/0658; 2012–2015)
  • GA UK 331611 Valency as a Word Order Factor (2011–2012) (PI) 
  • ME10018 – Towards a computational analysis of text structure (2010–2012); joint project of the Czech-American cooperation; the PI prof. PhDr. Eva Hajičová, DrSc.
  • GA405/09/0729 – From the structure of a sentence to textual relationships (2009–2011); the PI prof. PhDr. Eva Hajičová, DrSc.
  • GA ČR P406/10/1153 Old Czech Lexicon and Its Processing (2010; Institute of the Czech Language); the PI PhDr. Miloslava Vajdlová
  • GA ČR P406/10/1165 Czech Lexicon in the Humanistic and Baroque Periods: Aspects of the Development (2010; Institute of the Czech Language); the PI PhDr. Petr Nejedlý
  • AV ČR 1QS900610505 Lexicon of the Humanistic and Baroque Czech - "editio princeps" (analysis of the lexical material and making it available in an electronic format) (2005–2009; Institute of the Czech Language); the PI PhDr. Petr Nejedlý

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