We gratefully acknowledge support from:

  • the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic: grants P406/12/0658 "Coreference, discourse relations and information structure in a contrastive perspective", P406/2010/0875 "Computational Linguistics: Explicit description of language and annotated data focused on Czech", 405/09/0729 "From the structure of a sentence to textual relationships", and GPP406/12/P175 (Selected derivational relations for automatic processing of Czech);
  • the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic: the KONTAKT project ME10018 "Towards a computational analysis of text structure" and the LINDAT-Clarin project LM2010013;
  • the Grant Agency of Charles University in Prague: GAUK 103609 "Textual (Inter-sentential) Relations and their Representation in a Language Corpus" and GAUK 4383/2009 "Methods of coreference resolution".