ÚFAL's Publishing House

The Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (ÚFAL) has started to publish a monograph-oriented series "Studies in Computational and Theoretical Linguistics" in 2009. This is in addition to publishing the journal The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics, which is published by the Institute since 1964.

The series is aimed at monographs containing both theoretical and applied aspects of linguistics, computational linguistics, natural language processing, statistical methods as applied to natural language processing, and related disciplines. We often select high-quality dissertations submitted to us and offer the authors to publish them as a monograph. The preferred language is English, but works relevant as studies of the Czech language and/or textbook style works aimed at undergraduate level students are also accepted for publication in Czech (with similar exception granted for books submitted in any other language).

How to get them: Karolinum bookshop and eShop

The books published by UFAL are available in the Karolinum (Charles University Publishers') bookshop at Celetna 18, Prague 1 (tel. +420 224 941 448) as well as in its eShop. The prices have been negotiated to make the books, even in hardcover, affordable to the widest possible readership. We will also continue our practice of shipping a limited number of copies for free to linguistic and computational linguistics departments we have working relationships with. Moreover, authors will continue to enjoy the freedom to send electronic copies (.pdfs) of their books to whoever asks for them.

Review and Editorial Process, Copyright

The submitted manuscripts are processed by an anonymus (single-blind) reviewing procedure, involving at least two reviewers for each submission.

If you want to submit a book for publication, please email the Editor-in-Chief (Jan Hajic) with a 1-2 page abstract and suggested TOC. If you already have a substantial part of the book ready, please submit it too. We will inform you if such a book is suitable for publication in our series, and we would also send you technical details and requirements for the full text submission.

Your (full) submission will then go to at least two reviewers: either members of the editorial board and/or external reviewers (helped with the editor-in-chief or a designated editorial board member) for review. If the review is positive in principle (possibly after a discussion among the reviewers and/or editorial board members), you will be sent suggestions and requirements for additions, deletions, restructuring, or other changes and corrections, including requirements for the final format (with style files provided).

If a contribution of any type is accepted for publication, the technical editors (copyeditors) will work with the author(s) to bring the appearance of the book to the high standard used by the series, including the graphics and cover. Cooperation of the authors is essential for timely publication. Copyeditors have the right to do minor edits to the submitted LaTeX source to make sure the appearance is according to the guidelines, but substantial changes to appearance will be consulted with the authors.

For every book we publish, the copyright stays with the authors, but a contract will be signed which allows our publishing house to distribute the book worldwide in paper, electronic or any other format, with a one-time royalty only (to be negotiated between the publishers and the author, depending on the type of the book and other criteria). As a rule of thumb, we publish a several page long preview, the TOC, and references online, while allowing the authors to send a full .pdf or their author's physical paper copies to whomever they wish.

Books published so far can be found here.

Instructions for authors (in Czech) can be found here.

Editorial Board

Editor in chief:

  • Jan Hajič, Charles University, Prague

Editorial Board:

  • Nicoletta Calzolari, University of Pisa
  • Mirjam Fried, Charles University, Prague
  • Eva Hajičová, Charles University, Prague
  • Petr Karlík, Masaryk University, Brno
  • Joakim Nivre, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Jarmila Panevová, Charles University, Prague
  • Patrice Pognan, CERTAL, Paris, France
  • Pavel Straňák, Charles University, Prague
  • Hans Uszkoreit, DFKI, Germany