Štěpánková Barbora: Aktualizátory ve výstavbě textu, zejména z pohledu aktuálního členění

Štěpánková Barbora: Aktualizátory ve výstavbě textu, zejména z pohledu aktuálního členění

ŠTĚPÁNKOVÁ, BARBORA (2014). Aktualizátory ve výstavbě textu, zejména z pohledu aktuálního členění. ISBN 978-80-904571-6-4. 149 pp.

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Tato kniha je zaměřena na zkoumání částicových výrazů s aktualizační funkcí, aktualizátorů, a to z pohledu sémantického i funkčního. Zabývá se jak významy jednotlivých výrazů, tak i sémantickými rysy společnými určité skupině těchto výrazů. Cílem je také charakterizovat vlastnosti a slovnědruhové zařazení těchto výrazů, a především pak specifikovat jejich roli v rámci věty, zejména z pohledu aktuálního členění.


This book is devoted to a specific type of particle unit which we refer to as the actualizer. Actualizers are differentiated from other particles primarily due to a combination of the following properties: the ability to trigger a presupposition and the ability to actualize or emphasize a nearby expression. They play an important role in the topic-focus articulation of a sentence by drawing attention to elements with a greater degree of communicative dynamism, not only in focus or contrastive topic, but also in other parts of the sentence.

Unlike previous studies which have concentrated mainly on prototypical representatives of these units, this book tries to capture the greatest possible number of actualizers. At the same time, it aims to describe their semantic characteristics, and based on this, it attempts to categorize actualizers into three semantic groups. From this perspective, we can distinguish between restrictive, inclusive, and temporally emphasizing actualizers. These groups can be further divided according to their specific features. The work also analyzes the possible positioning of the actualizers in various places in a sentence and investigates which expressions can occur in the surroundings of particular types of actualizers. Based on the results of this investigation, the study verifies the functioning of the actualizers in sentences and classifies them as central or peripheral expressions.

The evaluation of data generated on the basis of a questionnaire constitutes a supplementary part of the book. The questionnaire was intended to verify language users' perceptions, especially with respect to the meaning of actualizers and their functioning in a text.

The theoretical-methodological framework consists of a lexicographical approach together with elements of text syntax and topic-focus articulation. We consider this combination of linguistic disciplines necessary for research on all types of synsemantic words, particles in particular.

The basic sources of data for analyses were the corpora from the Institute of the Czech National Corpus, in particular SYN2010 (a corpus of written Czech) and ORAL2008 (a corpus of spoken Czech), and the annotated data from the Prague Dependency Treebank 2.0.