UDPipe Versions

The UDPipe tool is currently available in two versions:

UD Tree
  • UDPipe 1:
    • a standalone C++ application with bindings for Python, Java, C#, Perl
    • models are small and fast (1k words/sec on a single CPU)
    • morphosyntactic performance lacking compared to deep neural networks
  • UDPipe 2:
    • a Python prototype only
    • models are of moderate size, requiring more computation
      • 60 words/sec using 1 CPU thread
      • 300 words/sec using 8 CPU threads
      • 2k words/sec on a GPU
    • morphosyntactic performance excellent, with error reduction of ~40-50% compared to UDPipe 1

Both these versions are simultaneously available in our LINDAT REST service.

Note that we are also developing a new version:

  • UDPipe 3:
    • again a C++ application with bindings for Python and other languages
    • using libtensorflow dll as a backend
    • in addition to morphosyntactic analysis, other modules are planned (NER, entity linking, ...)