Styx is a system designed to provide an electronic corpus-based exercise book of Czech morphology and syntax with exercises directly selected from the Prague Dependency Treebank, the largest annotated corpus of Czech (see sample data).

  • Exercises give practice in
    • classifying part of speech and particular morphological categories (such as gender, number, case, tense, ...) of words
    • parsing a sentence and classifying syntactic function (such as subject, predicate, objects, ...) of words
  • Correct answers at hand
  • Java implementation

 Download leaflet (pdf)

The Styx system is extended with the Čapek editor allowing users to  practice morphology and syntax on their own sentences.


More details

We present the electronic exercise book of Czech morphology and syntax that consists of more than 11 thousand Czech sentences

  1. View them in Charon.
  2. Using Charon create an exercise, i.e. a list of sentences you want to practice.
  3. Open the exercise in Styx and start practicing.
  4. Check your analyses in Styx.

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