4. Bonus material – STYX

The bonus material is aimed at advanced students at primary and high schools and their respective teachers. The bonus material section has been labeled STYX and it presents the user with an electronic medium for practicing Czech morphology and syntax. The most noteworthy feature of this material is the number of sentences offered: more than 11,000 sentences have been compiled along with the corresponding annotations in PDT to facilitate effective training. In addition to this large vocabulary, the application provides immediate verification of the user’s parsing accuracy. It is important to stress that the academic notion of Czech syntax presented in PDT 2.0 differs in some ways from the concepts traditionally taught in school. These differences are closely documented (Kučera, 2006). Within the framework of a single exercise, an arbitrary number of sentences will be processed completely where each word will be morphologically analyzed and the entire sentence will be parsed including determining the constituents of the sentence. Only a small subset of the 11,000 sentences is available on the CD-ROM to avoid overloading the user – 50 sentences (see bonus-tracks/STYX/sample.styx).

The steps for using STYX are clearly illustrated in Figure 4.1. First, the user selects the part of speech associated with each word and then (s)he determines the morphological analysis and appropriate morphological categories (upper part of the right window). The word nodes are juxtaposed together at the beginning of the parsing and each node is removed when it has been successfully parsed. The next step leads to determining constituents of the sentence including the basic clause elements (predicate and subject). Figure 4.2 demonstrates the parsing evaluation process. This particular user deserves praise because his/her analysis was without mistake.

Figure 4.1. Practice with the tool STYX

Practice with the tool STYX

Figure 4.2. Evaluation of exercises within the tool STYX

Evaluation of exercises within the tool STYX