C. Description of lemmas

In CAC 1.0, lemma has a form of string lemma_:P1_;P2_,P3_^(K) where lemma is the lemma proper and P1, P2, P3, K stand for the optional additional info.

Table C.1. Additional info of lemmas

labelling separator description notes
P1 : morpho-syntactic flag part of speech or its detailed specification
P2 ; semantic flag common semantic clasification
P3 , style flag stylistical classification
K ^ comment explanatory note, derivational comments, other comments

Table C.2. Morpho-syntactic flags of lemmas

Value Description
B abbreviation
T imperfect verb
W perfect verb

Table C.3. Semantic flags of lemmas

Value Description
E member of a particular nation, inhabitant of a particular territory
G geographical name
H chemistry
K company, organization, institution
L natural sciences
R product
S surname (family name)
U medicine
Y given name
b economy, finances
c computers and electronics
g technology in general
j justice
m other proper name
o color indication
p politcs, government, military
u culture, education, arts, other sciences
w sports
y hobby, leisure, travelling
z ecology, environment

Table C.4. Style flags of lemmas

Value Description
a archaic
e expressive
h colloquial
l slang, argot
n dialect
s bookish
t foreign word
v vulgar
x outdated spellimg or misspeling

Table C.5. Examples of lemmas

lemma additional info description
Abchaz (Abkhazian) _;E member of a particular nation
Agned _;Y_,t given name|foreign word
dobromysl (oregano) _;L natural sciences
dementi _,t foreign word
FFUK (Faculty of Arts, Charles University) _:B_;K_; u-^(Filozof._fakulta_Univerzity_Karlovy) abbreviation|institution|culture, education|abbreviation description
líně (lazy) _^(*1ý) derivation: remove one character from the end (i.e. "ě"), add character "ý": "líný"