The distribution (see the download section below) contains a fast and efficient implementation of the PML-TQ powered by an SQL database with a client-server architecture (client -> REST API -> PML-TQ server -> SQL database backend).

The server is intended for searching large static data sets (complete treebanks). For individual files or small treebanks, up to say 10K trees (your mileage may vary), the client-side PML-TQ implementation in TrEd (see clients) is usually sufficient.

The most important dependencies for running a PML-TQ server are:

  • the PML-TQ server distribution, see Download below,
  • an HTTP server,
  • PostgreSQL (>=8.4),
  • Perl (>=5.14),
  • the tree editor TrEd.

The treebank must be encoded in or converted to the PML format.

The server has been tested on Linux.

Download the server

Current version

The current version of the PML-TQ server can be downloaded from the GIT repository:

Old versions

Previous versions of the PML-TQ server (up to the version 0.7.10 (beta), released in 2013) were published each as a single .tar.gz archive.
You can still download the most recent of them (very outdated) here: pmltq-0.7.10.tar.gz (PML-TQ distribution package).

Installation of the PML-TQ Server

To install the server, please contact its current developer, Matyáš Kopp.