Querying over PML

PML-TQ (PML Tree Query)

The PML-TQ is a query system for PML-based treebanks with natural support for cross-layer queries. The system is powered either by a relation database or a sequential engine operating directly on PML files. The system includes a command-line client as well as a full-featured user interface in TrEd with a graphical query builder and visualizer of the results. The query language also includes a sub-language for the generation of listings and statistical reports.

Graphical Tools

TrEd Toolkit

a highly-customizable and scriptable tree editor (annotation tool for syntactic and other tree-based analyses) and a set of command-line tools for automated data processing.


an annotation tool used for speech reconstruction, easily adaptable for other linearly-structured annotations of text or audio data on multiple layers

LAW (Lexical Annotation Workbench)

an integrated environment for morphological annotation. It supports simple morphological annotation (assigning a lemma and tag to a word), integration and comparison of different annotations of the same text, searching for particular word, tag etc.

Processing tools

Validation, format conversion, APIs

See the PML Toolkit tab.

(Parallel) data processing

The TrEd Toolkit provides a tool btred for scripting over PML data and also a tool called jtred which can be used for parallel processing of PML data on a computer cluster.

NLP tools


a highly modular NLP (Natural Language Processing) software system implemented in Perl programming language under Linux. It is primarily aimed at Machine Translation, making use of the ideas and technology created during the Prague Dependency Treebank project. At the same time, it is also hoped to significantly facilitate and accelerate development of software solutions of many other NLP tasks, especially due to re-usability of the numerous integrated processing modules (called blocks), which are equipped with uniform object-oriented interfaces.