PML Toolkit

pmltk-1.1.5.tar.gz - The package contains:

  • Latest version of the PML specification (PDF and html)
  • pml_validate - PML instance and schema validation tool
  • pml_simplify - PML schema simplification tool
  • pml_copy - a tool for copying, moving, compressing, and uncompressing related PML instances without breaking their mutual references.
  • Format conversion tools from (and sometimes to) other formats, in particular the CoNLL format, the formats of the Penn, Tiger, Sinica, Alpino, Arabic, Hydarabad, and Latin treebanks, etc.
  • Perl API with support for on-the-fly conversion from/to other formats via pluggable backends and XSLT
  • PML schemas for PDT 2.0 and some other treebanks
  • Auxiliary tools

For detailed content of the package see the README file.