• 2006-now     Charles University in Prague, Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, doctoral studies. (thesis on the topic "Linguistic aspects of Machine Translation between Czech and Russian")
  • 2000-2005     Russian State University for Humanities, Moscow. Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. (diploma equiv. Mgr or MA)

Working Experience

  • 2006 – now     Junior Research assistant at Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (UFAL), Charles University in Prague. Projects I participate(d) in:
    • since 2015    LINDAT/CLARIN, preprocessing large corpora from LINDAT, making them available via the UI KonText
    • 2012-2013     principal investigator in the University research grant GA UK ‚"Tools and Data for Machine Translation between Related languages"
    • 2009-2011     Annotating named entities and multiword expressions in Prague Dependency Treebank
    • 2008-2009     Collecting parallel texts for Czech Russian Machine Translation, implementing Czech-Russian MT within Moses
    • 2006-2007     Language Technology for E-learning, working on semantic ontology
  • 2005     Linguist expert in software company ABBYY, Moscow.