MTMonkey is a simple and easily adaptable infrastructure for Machine Translation web services, written in Python. It allows clients' JSON-encoded requests for different translation directions to be distributed among multiple MT servers.

This system consists of:

  • the main application server that handles the clients' requests and distributes them to the machines that perform the translation,
  • the worker that handles one translation direction (including segmentation, tokenization, recasing, and detokenization),
  • all text processing tools used by the workers,
  • a simple demonstration web client written in PHP,
  • and support scripts for self-checks, auto-starting and easy model distribution.

An overall schema of the system looks as follows:

There may be more workers for the same language pair. Workers may run on the same physical machine or on several different machines.

For a more detailed description of the overall architecture of MTMonkey, see our paper presented at MT Marathon 2013 in Prague or the accompanying poster.

MTMonkey is available for download on Github.