Using Depfix

Depfix is open-source, licenced under the GNU General Public License v2. Detailed instructions on installing and running Depfix can be found in the Depfix Manual (PDF, HTML); a very short version is presented here.

Installing Depfix

The TL;DR version of the installation manual is the following:

wget -O install.tgz
tar -zxvf install.tgz
cd install

Once installed, test if you have Depfix working by doing:

cd ~/treex/devel/depfix
make test

This should run for several minutes, printing out various progress information, finally ending by a printout of the BLEU score and other scores.

If anything does not work for you, you may try to fix it yourself, or look into the Depfix Manual (PDFHTML).

Running Depfix

To run Depfix on your own data, use a command such as the following:

make DATA_EN=english_source.txt DATA_CS=smt_translation.txt REFERENCE_CS=human_translation.txt

The input files must have one sentence per line and be in UTF-8 (there are some sample files in the data subdirectory).

When Depfix successfully finishes, it saves the post-edited translations in the output.txt in the experiment directory that it created.

If anything goes wrong, or for more detailed information, please refer to the Depfix Manual (PDFHTML).

Delving deeper

Links to the most important parts of the source code:


Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the code, or actually anything related to Depfix. My e-mail address is