Depfix publications and presentations

Several selected publications:

  • The best short paper to learn about a relatively current version Depfix (7 pages):
    Rudolf Rosa, David Mareček, Ondřej Dušek:
    DEPFIX: A system for automatic correction of Czech MT outputs
    In Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
    paper (PDF, HTML), poster (PDF)
    Poster presented on WMT 2012, Montréal, Canada

  • The newest Depfix paper (published when Depfix was released under GNU/GPL):
    Rudolf Rosa:
    Depfix, a Tool for Automatic Rule-based Post-editing of SMT
    In The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics, Vol. 102
    paper (PDF)poster (PDF)poster boaster slide (PDF)
    Poster presented on MT Marathon 2014, Trento, Italy

  • The most complete and detailed description of the Depfix system:
    Rudolf Rosa:
    Automatic Post-editing of Phrase-based Machine Translation Outputs
    A master thesis.
    print version (PDF, English), online version (HTML, English)defence slides (PDF, Czech)ÚFAL Monday seminar slides (PDF, English)
    Defended on 20th May 2013 in Prague

  • Description of our state-of-the-art English-to-Czech hybrid translation system, combining TectoMTMoses and Depfix:
    Ondřej Bojar, Rudolf Rosa, Aleš Tamchyna:

    Chimera – Three Heads for English-to-Czech Translation
    In Proceedings of the Eight Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
    paper (PDF)poster (PDF)
    Poster presented on WMT 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • The first Depfix paper:
    David Mareček, Rudolf Rosa, Petra Galuščáková and Ondřej Bojar:
    Two-step translation with grammatical post-processing
    In Proceedings of WMT 2011, EMNLP 6th Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation, Edinburgh, UK, pp. 426–432, 2011
    paper (PDF) poster (PDF)
  • The MST parser adapted for parsing SMT outputs used in Depfix:
    Rudolf Rosa, Ondřej Dušek, David Mareček and Martin Popel:
    Using Parallel Features in Parsing of Machine-Translated Sentences for Correction of Grammatical Errors
    In Proceedings of SSST 2012
    paper (PDF) presentation (PDF)
    Presented on 12th July 2012 on SSST 2012 (an ACL 2012 workshop), Jeju, Korea