Prague Dependency Treebank 3.5

People who participated on the project:

Project management, linguistic and technical supervision

  • Jan Hajič - PDT project proposal and management throughout the project
  • Eva Hajičová - linguistic supervision throughout the project, FGD co-author; supervision of information structure and discourse annotation
  • Jarmila Panevová - linguistic supervision (tectogrammatical layer, syntax, valency), FGD co-author
  • Petr Sgall - FGD main co-author, linguistic supervision

Morphological annotation and support

Syntactic dependency annotation (analytical layer)

Tectogrammatical annotation

PDT Valency lexicon

Discourse relations

Multiword expression and other annotation (PDT 2.5)

Coreference, bridging relations (post-PDT 2.0)

Web (all versions), data packaging, search tools and conversions