Petr Sgall

Malostranské náměstí 25
118 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Main Research Interests

  • syntax and its relationships to semantics and pragmatics,
  • typology of languages, computational linguistics, sociolinguistics

Curriculum Vitae


1926, C. Budejovice


  • Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy,
  • General and Indo-European Linguistics, 1949


  • PhDr, Charles University, Fac. of Philosophy, 1949;
  • CSc (Ph.D.) General and Indo-European Linguistics, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles Univ., 1955;
  • docent (habilitation, assoc. prof.) General and Indo-European Linguistics, Charles Univ., Fac. of Philosophy, 1958
  • DrSc - Mathematical Linguistics, Charles Univ., Fac. of Philos., 1966
  • research professor - Theoretical and Computational Linguistics, Charles Univ., Fac. of Mathematics and Physics, 1967
  • professor - General Linguistics, Charles Univ., Faculty of Philos., 1990


  • Charles University, Prague
  • Fac. of Philosophy: 1950-1961
  • Fac. of Mathematics and Physics: 1962-1967
  • Fac. of Philosophy (head of Laboratory of Algebraic Linguistics) 1968-1972
  • Fac. of Mathematics and Physics: 1973-1990
  • Fac. of Philosophy: 1990-92 (head of Institute of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics 1990-1991, retired Oct. 1st, 1992)
  • Fac. of Mathematics and Physics 1993-today

Longer stays

6 months at University of Cracow, Poland
10 months at University of Grenoble and CNRS
1 month as guest professor at the University of Hamburg
5 months at the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies, Wassenaar
6 months at German Universities
4 months at the University of Vienna

Selected Bibliography

Main publications (books)

  • Development of inflection in Indo-European languages (in Czech), Prague: NČSAV 1958
  • Die Infinitive im Rigveda. In: AUC-Philologica 2-3, Prague 1958
  • Generative description of language and the Czech Declension (in Czech), Prague: Academia 1967
  • Language in its multifarious aspects, Prague: Karolinum 2006

with coauthors

  • A functional approach to syntax (with A. Goralčíková, E. Hajičová and L. Nebeský), New York: American Elsevier 1969
  • Topic, focus and generative semantics (with E. Hajičová and E. Benešová), Kronberg/Taunus: Scriptor 1973
  • Topic-focus articulation in Czech (in Czech, with E. Hajičová and E. Buráňová), Prague: Academia 1980
  • The meaning of the sentence in its semantic and pragmatic aspects (with . Hajičová and J. Panevová), Dordrecht: Reidel and Prague: Academia 1986
  • Variation in language: Czech as a challenge to sociolinguistics (with J. Hronek, A. Stich and J. Horecký), Amsterdam: Benjamins 1992
  • Topic-focus articulation, tripartite structures, and semantic content (with E. Hajičová and B. H. Partee), Dordrecht: Kluwer 1998