The R scripts...

...are subject to yearly updates. The version valid for the given year is available at edu/r/year_DataSciEdu or edu/r/year_DataSciEdu_EN on the Jupyter cloud RStudio installation at the Institute of the Czech National Corpus. Only registered users can access these files.   

English only

Session 2:

Navigation in RStudio IDE on a Jupyter cloud (video); RMarkdown (video); Vectors wrapup (video).

Prerequisite: Homework assignment on, course Introduction to R, Chapters Intro to Basics and Vectors.


Session 3:

How to in data frames: select rows according to a condition on values in a given column, select a random sample of rows, order rows according to values in a given column, select columns, rename columns. How to on factors: drop unused levels, convert factor to character vector and back. A video (long, capturing the entire session) is here

Prerequisite: Homework assignment  on, course Introduction to R, Chapters Factors and Data Frames.




Czech and English (videos in Czech, most text/code in English)

Video recordings from 2020/21 are available on in a playlist called RHum, for registered users from the Charles University. If you do not have an account there and are interested in the videos (Czech only!), you can explore the mind map below. Cells with content open on click. Some of them contain embedded videos and links to the playlist with access tokens. You should prefer the links, because the embedded videos unfortunately display in quite a low quality. I have opted for this leaky, 'actually-not-public-but' protection, since these videos have no vlogging ambition whatsoever. They are not a serious MOOC but merely a backup source for students who have missed a lecture. Anyway, they could be useful for you if you consider attending the course.       

Czech only

March 2020: Interactive exploration of a tabular file - JHU Coronavirus data:

March 31, 2020: Interactive modeling of the Czech Coronavirus data: