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1/1 C
Tereza Hannemann

AI in Context

A series of invited lectures and follow-up discussion seminars for UK students and the public at which selected experts will offer diverse views of artificial intelligence in the context of different disciplines (e.g. art, law, ethics, security, philosophy). The course is open to all those interested in the topic of AI in a wider context, who are invited toparticipate in the different parts of the course according to their discretion and interest (enrollment for the course is not necessary, just come). Lectures by invited guests will alternate with discussion seminars for attendees interested in getting deeper into the issues.


  • Get familiar with AI issues in the context of various other disciplines
  • Enhance/deepen AI knowledge with social context


To obtain the credit, you must attend at least 4 lectures and at least 4 discussion seminars; it is mandatory to actively participate in the discussion to count the participation in the seminar.

In addition, a final test is required to obtain the credit.


The initial meeting will be followed by a series of lectures and follow-up discussion seminars: a lecture in one week and a discussion seminar on the topic of the lecture in the following week. There will then be a final meeting and a test at the end of the semester.

The content will always depend on the specific selection of speakers for the year, among the topics planned are (in alphabetical order):

  • AI in the context of art
  • AI in the context of computer games
  • AI in the context of economics
  • AI in the context of ethics
  • AI in the context of government
  • AI in the context of law
  • AI in the context of literature
  • AI in the context of philosophy
  • AI in the context of psychology
  • AI in the context of marketing
  • AI in the context of media
  • AI in the context of security
  • AI in the context of sociology

and more

During each semester, we will present AI in 5-6 contexts.