Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics
School of Computer Science
Faculty of Mathematics and physics, Charles University
Malostranské nám. 25
CZ-11800 Prague 1
Czech Republic

The Second traning school of TextLink will take place at the historical building of the School of Computer Science of the Charles University, in the Lesser Town in the center of Prague. The building itself was built in today's shape in the 17th century and it served then as a jesuit monastery. It has a rectangular shape with a small yard in the middle; three wings now belong to the University, and the fourth to the famous baroque Roman Catholic Church.

Please consult the Local info page for instructions how to get here from the airport.

In the picture just below, you can see the east wing with the main entrance to the building (marked with the red arrow). The parking lot on the square has been closed down so you won't see so many cars there.


enlarge map