Title Type
Adapting Uniform Meaning Representation (UMR) for the Italic/Romance languages Grant
An adaptive natural language generator Grant
An alternative way of getting more annotated linguistic data Grant
Arithmetic Properties in the space of Language Model Prompts Grant
Compound Identification and Splitting in Four Languages: A Deep Learning Approach Grant
Controllable Natural Language Generation Grant
Cross-lingual approaches to coreference resolution Grant
Deep Syntactic Representation across Languages Grant
Developing derivational networks for multiple languages Grant
Dialogue systems focused on combining tasks and chit-chat Grant
Domain Adaptation for Natural Language Generation Grant
Evaluation of conversational speech synthesis Grant
Exploring Multilingual Representations of Language Units in Neural Networks Grant
Independent component analysis of continuous word representations Grant
Information mining from spoken dialogue Grant
Interactive information retrieval in audiovisual dialogue corpora Grant
Low resource methods for dialogue systems applications Grant
Machine Translation of Interpreted Speech Grant
Methods for improving neural machine translation of diverse texts Grant
Modeling Mopheme Flow among Languages Grant
Modelling dependency syntax across languages Grant
Modern Spoken Dialog Systems Grant
Morphological complexity of the verbal lexicon in four languages: Quantitative research based on corpus data Grant
Multimodal Optical Music Recognition using Deep Learning Grant
Named Entity Linking Grant
Neural machine translation for low-resource languages Grant
Open domain dialog management with knowledge graphs Grant
Research of Methods of Neural Machine Translation Evaluation Grant
Sentence-Level Polarity Detection in a Computer Corpus Grant
Spoken Language Understanding in open-domain environment Grant
Synthetic training data generation and other methods for handwritten music recognition Grant
Tools and data for Machine Translation between Related Languages Grant
Universal morphosyntactic annotation of language data Grant
Using Auxiliary Subtasks for Learning Constraints in NLP Grant
Using Language Knowledge in Scene Text Recognition Grant
Utilising Linguistic Knowledge in Neural Machine Translation Grant
Utilization of artificial neural networks in machine translation Grant
Utilization of coreference in Machine Translation Grant
Utilizing a Multitude of References in Machine Translation Grant
Vektorová reprezentace textu založená na neuronových sítích Grant