Year 3 - 2024

The research and work from the second year will continue in two workpackages:

WP8: Manual corrections in the pre-annotated PDTSC/Faust (PS: 60%, JM: 20%, MR: 20%)
  • classification of errors in the pre-annotation of the PDTSC/Faust data; the most severe/common errors of the pre-annotation will be manually fixed
WP9: Publication of discourse relations in the PDT-C (JM: 60%, MR: 30%, PS: 10%)
  • publication of the PDT-C (PDT + PCEDT-cz + PDTSC (+ Faust)) discourse-annotated data in their native format (PDT-like Prague system)
  • publication of the PDT-C discourse-annotated data in the PDTB format and taxonomy

Results: The updated and new PDT-C discourse annotation from the whole project will be published in two formats, the native PDT-C format (Prague approach) and the PDTB column format. In both formats, both taxonomies of discourse senses will be available. An article with results from the second year of the project will be presented at an international conference and published in its proceedings. Theoretical and practical results of the third year and the whole project will be used to prepare an article that will be submitted for a publication as a journal article (The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics, Slovo a slovesnost or Discourse and Dialogue).