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Adapters in Transformers. A New Paradigm for Transfer Learning…?

Jonas Pfeiffer (Technical University of Darmstadt) will provide an introduction to adapter-training in natural language processing. 

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Silver Medal for Markéta Lopatková

Another award for a member of our institute

Associate Professor Markéta Lopatková received the Silver Medal of Charles University in recognition of her work in the field of formal and applied linguistics and her outstanding contribution to Charles University's development. Congratulations!

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SVOČ 2021 Competition

Studentská soutěž SVOČ 2021 v matematice a informatice - Finále 24. května, Praha

Congratulations to our student
Jiří Mayer (supervised by Pavel Pecina) for 2nd position in a mathematics and computer science competition, for the work Optical Music Recognition using Deep Neural Networks.

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Article recommendation

Computational Linguistics, IF 2020 2.271

Sentence Meaning Representations Across Languages: What Can We Learn from Existing Frameworks? by Z. Žabokrtský, D. Zeman, M. Ševčíková

Universal Dependencies by Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Christopher D. Manning, Joakim Nivre, Daniel Zeman

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to Ondřej Bojar and Roman Sudarikov

on their U.S. patent Computer-implemented method of creating a translation model for low resource language pairs and a machine translation system using this translation model No. 11,037,028 issued on June 15, 2021.

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