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Text Cohesion of Non-native Czech Speakers

ÚFAL Monday seminar starts on October 11, with a lecture by Kateřina Rysová, Magdaléna Rysová and Eva Hajičová of ÚFAL.

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Studies in Prague

Study computer science at Charles University in Prague

High-quality affordable bachelor’s and master’s programs taught in English, at one of the oldest and most highly regarded universities in Europe and in one of the most student-friendly cities.

Study Computer Science or Computational Linguistics


to Prof. Jan Hajič

for 6th position in 2021 edition of top Czech scientists ranking for computer science published by

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SVOČ 2021 Competition

Studentská soutěž SVOČ 2021 v matematice a informatice - Finále 24. května, Praha

Congratulations to our student
Jiří Mayer (supervised by Pavel Pecina) for 2nd position in a mathematics and computer science competition, for the work Optical Music Recognition using Deep Neural Networks.

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Article recommendation

Computational Linguistics, IF 2020 2.271

Sentence Meaning Representations Across Languages: What Can We Learn from Existing Frameworks? by Z. Žabokrtský, D. Zeman, M. Ševčíková

Universal Dependencies by Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Christopher D. Manning, Joakim Nivre, Daniel Zeman

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to Ondřej Bojar and Roman Sudarikov

on their U.S. patent Computer-implemented method of creating a translation model for low resource language pairs and a machine translation system using this translation model No. 11,037,028 issued on June 15, 2021.

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