Monday, 7 November, 2022 - 14:00

THEaiTRE: Challenges in automated generation of theatre play scripts

The THEaiTRE project explored generating theatre scripts automatically using large pretrained generative language models embedded into an interactive tool. We will present many of the challenges we faced and solutions we proposed, including both the more successful as well as the less successful ones; still many of the challenges remain unsolved. The topics discussed will include character personalities and consistency, limited context and automated summarization, two-step hierarchical generation approach, machine translation of dialogues, fine-tuning and adapting the models to theatre scripts, dramatic situations abstraction, and other.


*** The talk will be delivered in person (MFF UK, Malostranské nám. 25, 4th floor, room S1) and will be streamed via Zoom. For details how to join the Zoom meeting, please write to sevcikova et ***