17. Prepositions and subordinating conjunctions

Prepositions and subordinating conjunctions are not represented by a node in the tectogrammatical tree (by contrast with the analytical; see also Section 1, "Relation between the tectogrammatical level and the lower levels"). Their meaning is reflected on the tectogrammatical level in the value of the functor and subfunctor (see Chapter 7, Functors and subfunctors).

For a list of functional possibilities of prepositions and subordinating conjunctions see Appendix A, Functional possibilities of selected means of expression.

This section describes some annotation rules relating to prepositions and subordinating conjunctions:

Prepositions may also be a component of supporting expressions (combination of prepositions with the pronoun ten (=that)), referring to the following (or preceding) dependent clause; on this see Section 5.3, "Supporting expressions".