17.1. Secondary prepositions

Many secondary prepositions are represented as prepositions in tectogrammatical trees.

Expressions represented as secondary prepositions are introduced in Appendix C, Secondary prepositions. However, an expression included in this list is not always a secondary preposition. Words listed as components of a secondary preposition can have their own semantic and syntactic significance in the clause, in which case they are represented by a separate node in the tree and do not form a component of the preposition. Cf.:

The potential secondary preposition is not a secondary preposition if any of its components is further modified. Cf.:

!!! There are three cases when a component of a potential secondary preposition is modified which stand out as candidates for representation in future as secondary prepositions but which are currently not so represented:

Figure 8.288. Secondary preposition

Secondary preposition

Pracuje v oboru strojírenství. (=lit. (He/She) works in (the) field (of) mechanical_engineering.)

Figure 8.289. Secondary preposition

Secondary preposition

Dopadlo to ve prospěch Pavla. (=lit. Turned_out it to advantage (of) Paul.)

Figure 8.290. Potential secondary preposition

Potential secondary preposition

Dopadlo to v Pavlův prospěch. (=lit. Turned_out it to Paul's advantage.)