Chapter 8. Specific syntactic constructions

This chapter describes rules for the annotation of those syntactic constructions whose annotation is not covered by the basic rules which are given mainly in chapter Chapter 6, Sentence representation structure. These are annotation rules for constructions signifying comparison and restriction, and rules for the annotation of proper names, addresses etc. To represent the meaning of these specific constructions, further attributes , further t-lemma substitutes and further selected constraints on the structure of the tectogrammatical tree are frequently introduced.

The individual sections vary in their nature: the first section contains guidelines for the determination of syntactic (and semantic) part-of-speech categories, particularly in the case of pronouns and numerals. The subsequent sections treat, as thoroughly as possible in all cases, a particular type of syntactic construction (defined semantically according to the part of speech). In particular, differences in the annotation of various sub-types of a given construction are described. At the end of the chapter are found several sections which summarise the annotation rules for a particular group of expressions (numerals, conjunctions, punctuation), which are introduced separately elsewhere, in different parts of the manual. The last section introduces specific rules for the representation of parts of texts identified by graphic symbols (particularly quotation marks).