11. Functor for the predicative complement (COMPL)

Due to the special properties of predicative complements, which cannot be attributed to any other adjuncts, we discuss this functor separately. The functor assigned to predicative complements has the value COMPL.

Definition of the functor COMPL

The functor COMPL (complement) is a functor for predicative complements (i.e. optional adjuncts with a dual semantic relation).

For details on predicative complements see Section 10, "Predicative complement (dual dependency)".

Forms. A predicative complement can be expressed by:

Figure 7.60. The COMPL functor

The COMPL functor

Hosté odcházeli spokojeni. (=lit. Guests were_leaving satisfied.)

Figure 7.61. The COMPL functor

The COMPL functor

Hráči odcházeli ze hřiště nepřemoženi. (=lit. Players were_leaving from field undefeated.)

Figure 7.62. The COMPL functor

The COMPL functor

Sledoval ho, jak se chová k mladším spolužákům. (=lit. (He) watched him how REFL (he) behaves to younger classmates.)