11.1. Borderline cases with the functor COMPL

Borders with arguments and other adjuncts. It is necessary to distinguish the predicative complement especially from the following two cases, which are not taken to be predicative complements: valency modifications with dual semantic dependency and adjuncts with ambiguous dependency relations. For more on this see Section 10, "Predicative complement (dual dependency)".

Functors bordering as the result of the multifunctional conjunction "jako". The functor COMPL can border on the functor for comparison (CPR; see Section 6.2, "CPR"), and even on functors for paratactic structures - the functors CONJ (see Section 12.1.3, "CONJ") and APPS (see Section 12.2, "Functor for apposition (APPS)"). The border, often very unclear, is caused by the multi-functionality of the conjunction jako (=as) used for representing all the functors mentioned. For more details see Section 17.4, "The conjunctions "než" and "jako"".