Past Projects of Ondřej Bojar

Here is a list of (some) formally established as well as informal projects I was involved in:

2015-2018   EU H2020 IA: Health in my Language (HimL)

2015-2018   EU H2020 RIA: Quality Translation 21 (QT21)

2015-2018   EU H2020 CSA:  Cracking the Language Barrier (CRACKER)

2012-2015   EU FP7 CSA: MosesCore; support for the Moses translation system

2011-2013   GAČR: Czech in the Machine Translation Era (CzechMate)

2010-2012   GAČR PGS: Combining Phrase-Base and Deep Syntactic Machine Translation

2009-2012   EU FP7 Strep: EuroMatrixPlus; bringing Machine translation for European languages to the user

2006-2009   EU FP6 Strep: EuroMatrix; Machine translation between European languages

2005-2006   GAUK Czech-English Machine Translation Dictionary

since 2004   The Prague Czech-English Dependency Treebank (PCEDT)

2004-2005   Valency Lexicon of Czech Verbs (VALLEX)

2003-2005   Machine translation project of economical texts from Czech to English

2000-2002   Software project The ENTs; a simulation of natural environment with human-like computer-driven agents

AMR at JHU Summer Workshop in Prague


Twitter Crowd Translation project at eClub Summer Camp